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Review: Camping out inside your house

Kidsday reporter Grace Samodulski with the Delta Children

Kidsday reporter Grace Samodulski with the Delta Children Teepee Play Tent.
  Credit: Adam Samodulski

We were given some items to test out and review. Grace checked out the Delta Children Teepee Play Tent and matching Sleeping Bag Set for Kids (Delta Children). Here is what she wrote:

I thought the tent was going to be fun to play in before I opened it because the tent looked big. When I started putting it together it looked like it was going to be large. The tent was able to hold four kids, but it was tight. Despite all that, I would recommend this to my friends because it’s fun to play in and you could even sleep in it. I thought the colors and the design were cool. 

Brooke and Emma reviewed the Sleeping Bag Set for Kids. They wrote:

Just by looking at it, we can see that it is a fun and useful product. The size of the sleeping bag we tested was a little smaller than average and is preferred to be used by kids between the ages of 2 and 8. It also comes with a small case that makes it easy to travel with. This product is so easy to carry. Because it’s so comfortable, you can sleep on it at your own house if you want to. The sleeping bag was made with a very soft and thick material. Brooke's 6-year-old sister, Charlotte, loved it! 

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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