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Good Afternoon

Derby Duck makes for fun at the pool, the beach

Kidsday reporter Annie Calise, third from left, with

Kidsday reporter Annie Calise, third from left, with siblings Olivia, Caitlyn and Max. Credit: Calise family

I tested out a new pool float Derby Duck (Game Products; it can be purchased online from Amazon, Wal-Mart and Leslie’s). This is a great summer pool accessory, but if you don’t have a pool, you can just take it to the beach — both ways are just as fun. When I was blowing up the duck, it took about five minutes. I suggest using an air-mattress pump, it goes a lot faster. Carrying the duck to the pool was quite an event. It took my siblings and I some time to get it down. It was gigantic. I put it in the water and I had to use the steps and the railing to get in it. If you went in the deep end with the duck and tried to get in it, you could not because it tipped over. It works best if you go to the steps to get in. When you get on the duck, it is very stable. I have had other ducks in the past and they were not stable nor easy to sit in. This duck had a little seat indent. When sitting on other ducks, you had to balance. This duck had two sets of handles — one was on the duck’s head and the second one was on the duck’s side. This duck could hold up to four people.

This duck is a lot cooler in appearance than other ducks because it had black sunglasses and a big red bill. The one thing I do have to criticize about the duck is that it had four Velcro rings that I did not know the use for. What I did like about the duck is that it had two cupholders so you could relax in the duck and sip your drink at the same time. When it was time to deflate the duck, it was no problem. It deflated fairly fast for such a big duck, it took about three minutes and it folded up nicely for storing.

I recommend this for a family with many kids who love to play. It is very fun and would last a couple of years like a good float should. It is very durable and great quality.

RATING: 5 smiles

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