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'Desmond Pucket' review: Bloody good fun

I read "Desmond Pucket and the Mountain Full of Monsters," by Mark Tatulli (Andrews McMeel Publishers). If you enjoy hilarious monster tricks, you should read this book. Desmond loves to scare kids with blood-squirting cakes, pretend zombies and much, much more! Desmond is a boy who enjoys doing gross things most of the time. He even does his monster magic at a wedding with his friends! Also, you will never forget the awkward relationship he has with Tina Schimsky. Tina is the girl that Desmond has a crush on. Find out what happens when he is forced to ride the Mountain Full of Monsters ride with her. Don't forget Mr. Needles -- he might surprise you. Desmond is so funny, you will probably laugh your heart out.

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