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How I learned to play with devil sticks

Kidsday reporter Desiree Clasen playing with her devil

Kidsday reporter Desiree Clasen playing with her devil sticks. Credit: Clasen family

I love to play with devil sticks. When you work with devil sticks, there are three sticks in the set, a longer one called the baton that has leather hairs on the top and bottom, and two smaller sticks. The small sticks are for picking up the big stick and hitting it with just the right force to make it move quickly in different directions.

You can work your way up to doing tricks like flipping the big stick or making it jump. If you hold the two small sticks in both hands and place the big stick on top of them, you can balance it and roll it up and down or make it jump and do a flip.

My gym teachers inspired me to try out devil sticks. Our class was learning different circus acts, such as juggling, devil sticks, spinning plates, and walking on stilts. I chose to practice with devil sticks because a lot of people said it was hard, so I tried to challenge myself. It turned out I was really good at it, so my mom bought me a set of my own devil sticks. Now I can practice at home almost every day.

Eileen DeCarmine’s fifth-grade class, Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, Miller Place

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