Good Morning
Good Morning

Digging Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve

We went to Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve in Commack. We learned a lot about American Indians. We went on an archaeology dig, cooked food, got our faces painted, made a lean-to, started a fire and went on a walk to a museum.

On our dig, we learned about archaeologists and their finds. We even got to dig. We dug using a shovel, a screen and a dustpan. The dustpan and the shovel were used to scoop up dirt and then put it in a bucket.

When our bucket was about half full, we poured it on the screen and all the dirt fell off. All that was left, sadly, was rocks -- not artifacts.

In the museum, they had a wigwam, arrows, little models, clothes and more. We all took a lot of pictures. It was really cool. We also cooked. We needed a fire, bowls, paper cups and shells (used as spoons.) We learned how to make Indian corn pancakes. Then we had a powwow. We did cool things like listen to music and play instruments. We sat in a big circle, and people passed around the food that we cooked. The farm is at 200 New Highway, Commack; call 631-543-7804.

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