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Dirt bike, but no track? Build your own!

Do you have a dirt bike, but nowhere to ride? If you live in the Hamptons, you are out of luck. Unless you (and your parents) are willing to travel over an hour, because the closest track to me is in Calverton. So what's my solution? Build my own track! My dad is super picky about the lawn, so making a track right in the backyard would not be an option for me. Woods are a must. Then you should be courteous and let your neighbors (if you have any) know what you're going to do. You should go out and mark out the areas to decide which area is best for different parts of the track. You need to decide if your track will have all of the areas of a real track like jumps and berms, which are raised enbankments.

The materials that you will need are very simple. You will need land, dirt, a shovel and some helpers. Now you are ready to start building your very own track.

To build jumps you shovel dirt into a pile. You should make sure that you pack it very tightly, otherwise the jump will just fall apart.

Build your berms on an angle so that you can turn easier. You definitely want to make sure the berms are wet when you build them. Then you will want to ride your dirt bike over them a few times to make some grooves. The grooves will keep your bike from riding over the top of the berm. Once your track is done, take a hose and soak the track to pack it down.

You should make sure that you have all of your protective gear on, helmet, goggles, gloves, chest protector and boots are all necessary to keep you safe as you ride. Just because you're not on a crowded track doesn't mean you should be less careful.

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