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Good Afternoon

Riding our dirt bikes is the best

Kidsday reporters John Agosta, left, and Connor Feehan

Kidsday reporters John Agosta, left, and Connor Feehan of Oysterponds Elementary School, Orient, on their dirt bikes. Credit: Agosta family

My friend Connor and I ride dirt bikes and quads on a track that we made in the woods. My track has five jumps. I prefer to ride from June to October. In the wintertime, it is too cold and icy to go riding. It is the best sport you can think of.

I have a Honda 150 — it is so fast. On the track there is a pond; you ride right next to the pond, there is a 50-foot jump and then right after that there is a hip jump. To do a hip jump, you turn in the air when you jump, therefore you land at a different angle than the takeoff. Then there is an S-turn and a straightaway, and then all over again. An S-turn is two turns combined to make the shape of an S.

Dirt biking can be an expensive sport. My parents buy most of my stuff, but I like all the new gear and stuff. In the summer months when my parents' boat is in the water, I go once a week to the dock to wash the boat. My parents pay me, and I save the money for my hobby. My dad also got me another boat in the marina to wash. I'm trying to save. It's hard sometimes. I'm hoping next summer to have a few more boats to wash. I want to save my money for something big, maybe another dirt bike or a car someday.

Brittany Crosser’s fifth- and sixth-grade class, Oysterponds Elementary School, Orient

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