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Disney Infinity Packs

Kidsday reporters from left, Nicole Sperounis, William Carmenaty,

Kidsday reporters from left, Nicole Sperounis, William Carmenaty, Liam Lepre and Matthew Farrugia tested new Disney Infinity video game packs. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested a few of the new Disney Infinity packs and found them to be great if you like video games.

The Disney Infinity Starter Pack is for the PS4. It comes with two Stars Wars characters, a game base, and the game Disney Infinity. You can fight Droids while playing and go to the Toy Box Hub to get information to help you in the game. In Disney Infinity, you can attack, race, help other characters in the toy box, customize your own home, and more. It allows you to play in different places too.

Some cons are that the characters get repetitive because many do the same thing in the toy box, which is a free build mode. Also, when you are playing on the toy box, you can only use a certain amount of memory. We ran out of memory in a couple of hours. That meant that we had to build on another toy box world.

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