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Disney star Olivia Holt chats with Kidsday

Actress Olivia Holt from Disney's Kickn It and

Actress Olivia Holt from Disney's Kickn It and her new series "I Didn't Do it," at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan. She is with Kidsday reporters Michael Fitzgerald, Emma Morandi, Emma Lesser and Tyler Feldman on Dec. 19, 2013. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We interviewed Disney star Olivia Holt at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan. She stars as Lindy Watson in one of our favorite shows, "I Didn't Do It." Before that she was in "Kickin' It."

We heard you are a black belt in real life.

I wish. Only in the show am I a black belt. I wish I was a black belt in real life. I don't do the whole belt system, but I am learning new things in martial arts and it's a little bit challenging, but it's cool and I totally enjoy it. But hopefully I'll get to the black belt stage in reality.

Do the people in your hometown treat you differently now that you're famous?

Moving from my hometown [Germantown, Tenn.] and coming out to California was a big transition for me, and I have a lot of friends who support me and who have helped me out along the way. It was such a big move and totally different lifestyle and I have a lot of friends who are totally OK with that.

Where were you and how did you react when you got the part of Kim Crawford in "Kickin' It"?

I remember this one. I was in the car with my mom, we were stuck in traffic, and actually it's a really funny story because she's not allowed to be on her phone in the car. So she's like, "Olivia, answer this real quick," and so I pick up the phone and it's my manager and it's my agent and "Olivia, is this you?" I'm like, "Yeah. Mom's driving, it's me, what's up?" And they're like, "You got the role of Kim in 'Kickin' It.' " Tears are just pouring out of my eyes and I could not stop smiling. I was so happy and so thrilled.

What is your favorite "Kickin' It" episode?

We filmed some really great ones, especially in the second season. My all-time favorite is going to have to be Kung Fu Cop. It's where Jack has a dream and we all go back to the '70s and this huge '70s star named Snowflake Jones and it's really cool. We had such a fun time doing that episode.

We read that actress Jadin Gould is your best friend. Did you meet on the show or did you know each other before?

Actually Jadin I met a long time ago when I first started coming out to California for auditions. It's funny, we were both in an audition together and then we came out and our parents were talking so we just kind of started talking and, it's funny, do you guys know [about] Club Penguin? We got each other's Club Penguin names and our moms were like, "Olivia, Jadin, do you want to play?" So we played on Club Penguin together. Finally we just started hanging out a little bit more and we became best friends.

Is it true that you collect Hello Kitty things? What is the weirdest Hello Kitty thing you have?

Yes, I collect everything Hello Kitty. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have way too many Hello Kitty things. The weirdest Hello Kitty thing that I have, I think all of them are great. OK . . . for Christmas I got this Hello Kitty pillow and in the back it has like a journal, a pen and all I do in the back of that journal is draw different types of Hello Kitty. Don't tell anyone that.

You do a lot of different activities. What do you like best, karate, gymnastics, cheering, acting, modeling or singing?

Wow, I don't know. I love it all so much I don't think I could choose because I just enjoy doing everything and it just hit me that I actually do all that much. But I do. I enjoy it all and I wouldn't give up anything. I couldn't choose one thing over another.

A lot of kids want to become actors -- what advice do you have for them?

Just basically be yourself. Be real and if you enjoy it that's the best part because I enjoy it so much and that's how I know that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life because I just enjoy it so much and just be real and stay true to yourself and I think that's the way to go and think positive and have a good head on your shoulders. I'm sure you'll go a long way.

Who is your role model and why?

I have way too many people that I look up to. Definitely my parents. I look up to my parents because they're always there for me. I can't just choose one so both of my parents are just going to have to be my role model because they're always there for me, they always have my back, they always support me and I can't thank them enough for sacrificing their life to move out to California with me and helping me out with my dream. I couldn't ask for a better set of parents.

We know you love roller coasters. What is your favorite coaster?

I love roller coasters! Probably the tallest roller coaster in the States. I don't think it's in the world, but I know it's in the States. It's in Ohio at Cedar Point. I don't remember the name of it, but . . . it goes straight up, it twirls at the top and then comes straight back down and it's the tallest roller coaster that I've ever been on and I think it's the tallest roller coaster in the States, which I absolutely love, and it's pretty scary and a lot of fun. Yes I love roller coasters.

We really liked you in the movie "Girl vs. Monster." Are you anything like your character Skylar Lewis?

Me and Skylar are pretty similar. We both love fashion. We're all about being in the fashion world. I adore her outfits in "Girl vs. Monsters," I just want to take her wardrobe home with me. She's also very athletic. She did gymnastics for awhile, such as I did growing up. She's also very confident and I'd like to say sometimes that's all I want to be is confident. And I really look up to her and I loved playing her. It's so much fun and such an experience and I think she's really great.

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