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Getting sick on vacation at Disney World

Kidsday reporter Jenna Ferrara with Daisy Duck at

Kidsday reporter Jenna Ferrara with Daisy Duck at Disney World after recovering from her fever. Credit: Ferrara family

I woke so excited to go to Disney World. My family and I planned out all the rides we were going on. We settled into our hotel room, and I couldn’t wait to go to Magic Kingdom the next day.

I woke up, and that’s when my magical dreams were crushed. I woke up with a headache and achy body. We still went to the park. While waiting on line for my favorite ride, Space Mountain, I was shivering like an iceberg. I had a fever of 102.7. My parents gave me Tylenol, and we stayed in the park. I did not enjoy Magic Kingdom that day at all.

The next day we went to the clinic, and they said I had the flu. I just wanted to sleep. I was upset because one of my parents would take my sister to the parks while I stayed at the hotel with the other parent. I love to swim in the pool, and I didn’t get to do that either. At night my dad opened the curtains to a large window facing the castle in Magic Kingdom. The fireworks show was over the castle. I didn’t enjoy the show because I fell asleep.

My fever finally broke, and I started to feel better the day before we left. The best part of this trip was the character breakfast we had scheduled. It was special because we got to see Daisy, who was not scheduled to be at the breakfast. But this was not the magical vacation that all kids dream of.

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