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Diving boards: What side are you on?

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Eleni Orfanos, Westbury

Have you realized that recently diving boards have been being taken out of most pools?

I have. Once there were high dives (10 feet over the water) and low diving boards (about three feet). The main reason why this is happening is because it was felt that too many kids and adults were not diving properly — such as keeping their hands and arms over their head to protect them from concussions. When they would hit the water, the impact was huge.

I think that they should keep the diving boards and just have a sign hung by their pool saying to be careful when diving, not to dive deep into the pool, or to always put your hands over your head when diving. Some pools took away their diving boards, and to make sure people were not diving into pools, they put a sign by the pool saying no diving.

I surveyed kids in my class to find out how they feel about this. Only five people out of 21 kids thought that it was a good idea that diving boards were being taken out of pools. Sixteen kids thought that it was a bad idea that diving boards were being taken out of pools and that they should have stayed. They also thought the diving boards should stay only where the pool is at least eight feet deep. Some kids thought that if they did have diving boards, kids could only dive with their parents’ permission.

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