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Dix Hills kids visit Legoland Discovery Center

Kidsday reporters Chi Chi Ejikeme, Rosana Gest, Rishab

Kidsday reporters Chi Chi Ejikeme, Rosana Gest, Rishab Sharma and Kyle Wiblishauser,11 and 12, from Dix Hills. They visited Legoland Discovery Center in Yonkers. (March 29, 2013) Credit: Kidsday

If you are looking for a fun and exciting place to go, visit Legoland Discovery Center (LDC) in Yonkers. LDC has many exciting things to do.

Our first stop was the Lego Factory, where we learned how Legos are made from raw plastic to colorful Legos. We were guided through the process, and we got to pull levers and turn wheels to help make the Legos.

Then, we got to go on a ride, Save the Princess. In this ride, the bad guys have kidnapped the princess. You have to get her back. This ride is a shooting game where you are traveling in a cart of four. You have to shoot the bad guys, and you get to compare your scores with everyone in your cart at the end of the ride.

After that, you get to see a model of New York City made entirely out of Legos. It had the bright lights, the traffic and skyscrapers. Fantastic!

Then, it was on to the giant playroom. It had slides, cool climbing places and even giant Legos. Even though we were a bit older, we were able to test it out before all the younger kids showed up.

We also got to see two 4-D movies with the fourth sense being able to feel the wind, rain and snow. The 4-D was amazing; it looked like everything was right in front of you and felt as if you could actually touch it. After that, Legoland had a cool, Build Your Own Car site. You get to build your own car out of Legos and then race it.

Then, there is karaoke. They have many different songs to choose from, and you get to sing them. After that, they have the ride Merlin. This is a very cool ride where you have to pedal to go higher. This ride goes round and round; the faster you pedal, the higher you go.

The last thing we saw was the building classroom. In the building section, you get lessons on how to build a scorpion out of Legos.

If you are looking for a fun time, we would highly recommend Legoland Discovery Center. We had so much fun, but you may enjoy it more if you are between the ages of 3 and 10. You will have a blast.

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