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Good Evening

At Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center, we solve a mystery

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

Our class took a field trip to the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center. It was a fun trip.

When we arrived we started a science experiment. We extracted DNA from a little piece of wheat. We dipped the wheat in rubbing alcohol. Then we put soap on the wheat, which helped get the DNA off the wheat. Finally, we put it in a tube and removed the DNA from the piece of wheat. We shook the tube so that the DNA was more visible to the naked eye.

When we were done with the experiment, we went to another room to solve a DNA mystery. We had to find out if a lost lady was a missing Russian princess. It was a tough mystery to solve because the evidence supporting her claim was very convincing. Some people of Russia didn’t believe her so they kept digging for answers, and they finally got one. We had the chance to look at the evidence and come to our own conclusion. The end result was the lady was not the princess.

Info: 334 Main St., Cold Spring Harbor,

Theresa Moskowski’s fourth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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