Good Evening
Good Evening

Anything you could have done better in 2018?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

As you look back on 2018, is there anything you wish you could change? Would you go outside and play with your friends all day, instead of playing video games and watching TV? Imagine today was Jan. 1, 2018. What would you do for the next 365 days?

I would definitely want to play with my friends all day, but then I wouldn’t have any time for anything else, like playing with siblings and cousins, and I would be super-tired every day.

If we have snow, I would start off my year with a nice big snowman or a crazy snowball fight with my friends, and after that I would have some yummy hot cocoa. If you went back to 2018, though, you would have to go through a whole year before 2019. Maybe you don’t want to go back, but it might be fun to go and have a great winter in 2018.

The bad part is that you would have another whole school year. Think about that: We are about halfway through this school year now, and you would have to have another one before 2019. Last year was fun, but not that fun that I want to go all the way back to January. I don’t know how awesome 2019 will be or what great things it will bring, but I can’t wait. Happy 2019!

Gina Cerulli’s fifth-grade class, Idle Hour Elementary School, Oakdale

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