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Dodgeball in school has pros and cons

One of the most popular games around that is not played in school is dodgeball. Do you think dodgeball should be played in school? We have different opinions about this.

Ryan thinks yes. He wrote: "I think it should be played in school because everyone enjoys the game and most schools use the safe foam balls instead of the hard, bouncy and dangerous kickballs. The softer game balls will make it safer for kids, and as long as it is supervised and kids aren't throwing at kids' heads on purpose, we should be allowed to play. The game is fast and fun and takes a lot of skill to avoid getting hit."

Anthony thinks no. He wrote: "I think schools should not play dodgeball because some could get carried away and throw the ball at someone's face -- even accidentally. Also, even with the foam balls, someone could get hurt."

Schools probably won't change the rule, so, if you really want to play, you will have to organize your games when you are on your own.

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