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Dodgeball is in, square dancing out

Do kids really like square dancing?

We have it in our physical education class every year.

I put a survey together with a number of questions pertaining to square dancing.

I handed out the survey to the fifth-grade students at McKenna Elementary School. In my results, almost every kid said they do not like square dancing. Some of the kids said they do not like square dancing because they have to hold hands with the opposite gender.

Also, kids don't want to dance around in front of their friends and families.

Finally, some of the dances are confusing and sometimes you can't understand what the leader is saying.

I feel like we should replace square dancing with everyone's favorite game: dodgeball.

I feel this way because you don't have to hold hands with other kids, just throw balls at each other.

When kids play dodgeball, they can run around and have fun. On the other hand, in square dancing, we have to follow a lot of rules.

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