Good Morning
Good Morning

Dog area is a fetching place

You are probably thinking that every town has a dog park. Well, we don't have an official dog park in Glen Cove, but at Mercadante Beach (at Garvies Point), there is a 20-acre area for dogs to play. All kinds of dogs go to the area. There are German shepherds, Malteses, Labs, poodles and lots of mutts. They are open all day.

My dog, Cali, used to be aggressive. She did not like other dogs. Now we take her there and she doesn't want to leave. Almost all of the other dog owners are nice, and don't worry about the leash. The dogs pull people to get to the other dogs. They want to play!

My dream is when I get older we can turn this area into a movie night at the dog park. I would like to have it every first Friday of the month. You can come with your family and watch a movie, and your dogs can have a great time playing.

All dogs love it there. Your dog will, too!

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