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Why every community should have a dog park

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Eva Brandewiede

A dog park with tennis balls, obstacle courses, grassy, flat land, and other dogs — essentially a poochie paradise — is what every community should have. Dog parks can offer many benefits to a society, and here are a few.

Dog parks let dogs play with one another, and when dogs get to socialize, they have better coping skills. That helps them grow into well-rounded, stable dogs, because lack of socialization can result in a dog that is afraid of new places and new experiences. Also, dog parks are great physical exercise for dogs.

My dog, Phoebe, loves to run around like a lunatic at dog parks to get exercise, but dogs also can get exercise by playing together. When they get the right amount of exercise and let their energy out, owners can see a decrease in bad behavior.

Not only are dog parks good for your fluffy friend, they can benefit you, too. While dogs are playing, owners can start conversations, form relationships and share community events.

Robyn Madden and Patricia Roberts’ sixth-grade class, Garden City Middle School

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