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My aunt’s dog enjoys riding on skateboards and paddleboards

Reeses, owned by the aunt of Kidsday reporter

Reeses, owned by the aunt of Kidsday reporter Giovanni Gange, enjoys skateboarding as well as paddleboarding. Credit: Gange family

Do you know any dogs who can skateboard? I do! Reeses is my aunt’s dog. She is a good dog and she has many talents. In a lot of ways she is like a normal dog. She loves getting attention and she loves lying on the couch. When she gets frightened, she hides behind us.

But there is one thing that makes Reeses an extra-talented dog. She can skateboard and paddleboard. When she skateboards, she needs someone on the skateboard with her. When they get off, she will stay on the skateboard. Reeses loves the beach. She will go on a paddleboard with my aunt. Reeses has terrific balance.

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