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Walking dogs means fun, exercise and maybe money, all at once

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

School is here, the weather is still warm and sunny, and homework comes after school. You may finish early and have some free time. You might end up hanging out with some friends or spending time at home on electronics. What if you have too much free time? Maybe you want to be active, earn some cash and have fun at the same time. Well, here’s one solution: dog walking!

If you love dogs and want to be active, then this is the right activity for you. Plus, you could earn some money. You can ask neighbors, friends or family members if they have any dogs that you can walk, and there you go, something to do. If you want to hang out with friends, you can also invite them to walk dogs with you.

You can really burn off calories or just have fun. If you love dogs, by dog walking you can be around them for hours. If you’re looking for some extra cash for any particular reason, this is another reason why you should dog-walk. Maybe you’re doing it for the exercise, fun or cash, but dog walking is a great option to beat boredom.

Marie Hand and Thomas House’s sixth- and seventh-grade students, Bridgehampton School

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