Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Our dogs brought us together

Kidsday reporters Jessica Kerrane, left, with Roxi, Nicole

Kidsday reporters Jessica Kerrane, left, with Roxi, Nicole Pappas with May and Julia Kate Lopez with Gracie. Credit: Kerrane family

Our dogs are the craziest, most fun and hilarious dogs you will ever meet.

Roxi is a toy poodle. She is a great companion, but she is crazy. The day she was found in the store, she was jumping up on her two paws, and then she would stand on her back legs. It almost looked like she had a rehearsed dance planned for us. Actually, her parents were considered circus dogs, because they would hop around and jump on their legs and perform tricks. Roxi also knows how to play soccer. Can you picture a dog playing soccer?

May is a bichon frise-mini-poodle mix, and she is the oldest of three siblings. She was born March 11, 2017, and has a lot of weird habits. When it snows, she will go headfirst into the snow and run around so that all you see is her body sticking out. Whenever she goes to someone’s house or to a store, she will pee because she is nervous. May has a huge appetite. Not only does she get onto the counter and eat food we have saved, we have even caught her trying to get into the refrigerator.

Gracie is a mini-poodle. She is a very weird and hilarious dog. One night, Gracie was sleeping, and Julia heard snoring and assumed it was her father. When she went to look, it was actually Gracie, and the snoring was so loud that it shook the whole house.

When Julia first got Gracie, she didn’t want to leave her in the crate all day, so she put up a baby gate. When she got home from school, she discovered that Gracie had climbed over the gate and was making herself quite comfortable in the living room.

Dogs make our lives more fun and exciting, especially when they have these qualities, but they also teach us about love and companionship.

Colleen Topping’s sixth-grade class, Manor Oaks Elementary School, New Hyde Park

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