Good Morning
Good Morning

The girl who wished for the perfect dog

Credit: Kidsday illustration / McKenzie Murphy

There was once a little girl who wanted a dog. She wanted a dog so very much and begged and begged her parents until they finally had to give in.

She was very busy researching the perfect dog for her family. Her mother wanted a dog that didn’t shed, and it had to be small. Her father wanted a dog that was big and kind.

But somehow, in the end, the family ended up getting the dog that suited them the best. They got the most perfect, cutest little dog, and they named her Snowball.

Snowball was the cutest thing. She was so fluffy and so loyal. She licked your tears when you cried; she would snuggle up on your lap and comfort you if you were sad. Snowball was the best little dog any family would ever want.

And guess what! That little dog — she’s my dog. And that little girl — is me!

Marytheresa Donohue’s seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip

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