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My red fox Lab retriever is the best dog ever

Kidsday reporter Julia Hoenig, of Waverly Avenue Elementary

Kidsday reporter Julia Hoenig, of Waverly Avenue Elementary School in Holtsville, and her dog, Rosie Molasses. Credit: Hoenig family

I’m going to talk about my new pet dog, Rosie Molasses. Rosie is a new member of the family, and we love her as much as she loves us.

Rosie is a red fox Labrador retriever, and she is 6 months old (she was born on Dec. 20, 2018).

She loves the water so when I go swimming, Rosie will jump in with me. When my family goes fishing, Rosie just jumps right off the boat. Rosie is an amazing dog — she is so much fun.

Rosie is my best friend, and my BFF. She helps me not to feel alone when I’m feeling sad and alone. Rosie is also very loyal — she keeps me and my family safe. 

I love Rosie so much. She is one of the best gifts I could ever ask for. Rosie is the best dog ever. That will never change.

Kerry Abernethy’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville

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