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Doing our best with the 8 Keys of Excellence

Karen Murillo's class from MS 74 shows off

Karen Murillo's class from MS 74 shows off the 8 Keys of Excellence. Credit: Karen Murillo

In our school each class follows the 8 Keys of Excellence ( Many schools talk about them or have them posted, but we remind ourselves what they are often. We feel if we follow these rules, good things can happen for us. Here they are:

INTEGRITY It means everyone should do the right thing always and stay above the line.

FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS This means it is OK for people to make mistakes. Without struggle, there is no success.

SPEAK WITH GOOD PURPOSE This is one of the most important keys. It represents a value for us that only we are in charge of what comes out of our mouths.

OWNERSHIP Take responsibility for what you do.

BALANCE Be mindful of others, but also take care of yourself.

COMMITMENT Make your dreams happen. This is when we decide to do “whatever it takes” to reach a goal.

FLEXIBILITY Be willing to do things differently. Don’t be stubborn.

THIS IS IT Make the most of every moment.

Using all of the keys of excellence has helped us be better students and human beings. We are a bully-free school and I am so happy to try to follow all these keys.

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