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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze review

Did you know that the video game, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Nintendo for the Wii U) came out and is the new next big hit? This game, we believe, should be a big hit because it is really fun.

The game starts when it is Donkey Kong's birthday and he is about to blow out his cake candles with Diddy Dixie and Cranky Kong. Then, suddenly, a "freezing" fleet of penguins spies Donkey Kong Island. They conquer the island with snow and blow Donkey Kong and his friends away! It is your job to take back Donkey Kong Island. We think this game is extremely fun. Kids who played the original Donkey Kong Country would especially like this game.

The experience for us was really enjoyable because we had a lot of fun playing as different characters. We think this game will be the best Wii U game ever.Rating: 5 smiles

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