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Why internet safety for kids is so important

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Uma Khurrum

Don’t Press Send is an organization that goes to schools to talk about how to be safe on the internet. Katie Duffy Schumacher, an author and speaker, came to Friends Academy to talk about this very important topic.

During the presentation, my classmates and I learned a lot of new, important information on how to keep ourselves and other people safe on the internet. Katie talked about many things such as being careful of who you give your phone number to, and if you would not tell a person something to their face, don’t send or post it anywhere. Also, you should have limitations and restrictions on your phone; once you press send or post something, it is forever on the internet. I have a phone, but my parents did not give it to me to watch television, to go on social media or to play games.

If you would like to gain more of this very important knowledge, you can go to Katie’s website, download her free app on Apple devices, or buy the book.

Javan Howard’s writers workshop students, Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts, Wheatley Heights

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