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Good Morning

'Dork Diaries 6' review, a good plot

I recently read the new Dork Diaries book, "Dork Diaries 6: Tales From a Not-So Happy Heartbreaker" by Rachel Renée Russell (Aladdin Books). In this book, you follow the adventures of Nikki J. Maxwell.

Nikki's school has a Valentine's Day dance where the girls have to ask the guys to go to the dance. Of course, Nikki wants to ask Brandon, her crush for almost the whole series, but there are just a few problems: Brandon is acting strange; MacKenzie is acting ruder than ever and hogging practically any moment or opportunity Nikki has to talk with Brandon.

I found this book to be really enjoyable and a good read. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend because it has a good plot and keeps you wondering what will happen to Nikki and the other


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