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Good Afternoon

Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ is back, and LI kids got to try it

Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" host Liza Koshy, left, and

Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" host Liza Koshy, left, and executive producer Marc Summers, right, with just-slimed Kidsday reporters. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We waited in suspense to get called in for the best event of our lives: being the first to check out “Double Dare”!

As we walked closer to the Nickelodeon offices in Manhattan, we were getting more nervous and excited. We got so anxious that Dana and Natasha couldn’t stop squirming. Then Kaila was screaming, “Omg! It’s Liza! It’s Liza Koshy!” We got our first glimpse of the new “Double Dare” TV host, Liz Koshy.

Before we knew it, the time had come to interview Liza Koshy and Marc Summers, the former host and now executive producer of “Double Dare.” One of the questions that we asked them was if they wanted to make a “Double Dare” for celebrities. Both Marc and Liza said yes and asked us which celebrities we would want to see on the show. We suggested a few people.

They were both super-nice. Marc told us about everything he did in his career before becoming a TV host. We were amazed to hear that he was even a magician at one point. Marc gave us great advice about choosing careers that we love. He told us he never feels like he is going to work because he loves what he does.

Liza was so funny and friendly, too. We found out that both of her parents were in theater and encouraged her to follow her dreams. Liza’s favorite YouTube video was one that she made with her mom.

Next, it was time to get ready to play “Double Dare.” Kaila and Dana were both chosen to play as members of the blue team. First they had to do a wheelbarrow race to get cherries from one plate to the other. After that, they had answer trivia questions. Then the red team dared them, but our team double dared them. They all had to do a musical pie — it’s kind of like musical chairs but it’s a little different. It was a crazy, silly race, and Kaila was the first to get out, and she had to smash two pies in her own face. Dana won her challenge, but she ended up getting the biggest pie of them all in her face!

Afterward, we were able to take on the obstacle course. The obstacles were challenging. Dana got stuck on her obstacle and the host had to push her a little bit so she could get through the big rollers and down the whipped cream slide! Kaila went through the Granny’s Mouth obstacle and down a whipped cream-covered tongue slide. Our other teammates picked a giant nose and ran in the hamster wheel. As Dana grabbed the flag, they won. Yay!

They won but they had a big surprise coming their way. They were getting slimed! Natasha got in on this too, and before she knew it, she was as green as her teammates. We all agreed that this was the best thing that happened to us in our whole lives.

“Double Dare” is an amazing and fun show, and we can’t wait to see it Monday on Nickelodeon at 8 p.m.

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