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3 places on Long Island for great desserts

Kidsday reporter Ben Heaney, of Bowling Green Elementary

Kidsday reporter Ben Heaney, of Bowling Green Elementary School in Westbury, enjoys ice cream at Cool Mess in Roslyn. Credit: Heaney family

There are many cool dessert places right here on Long Island that you should visit!

I did a survey to see everyone’s favorite dessert in my class.  Seven people like doughnuts, 15 people like ice cream, and  two people like cupcakes.

If you love ice cream, you should try Cool Mess, in Roslyn (1512 Old Northern Blvd., Cool Mess is a great ice cream place. You can choose to make and mix your ice cream at the table or you can get it scooped by the workers. They have a lot of toppings. My favorite is cookie dough and mini peanut butter cups. You can also get candy from the candy wall!

If doughnuts  are your favorite, then you should try Doughology, in Lynbrook (45 Atlantic Ave., At Doughology you can make your own doughnut. First, you select a base, then you choose the frosting and the toppings. Then you will have a delicious doughnut! When I visited, I tried a doughnut with vanilla frosting, white chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Lastly, if you love cupcakes, Small Cakes should be on your list. There is one shop in Patchogue (17 W Main St., and one in Syosset (339 Jackson Ave., At Small Cakes, you can try their many really delicious cupcakes. The cupcakes have such good frosting and delicious toppings! There are so many unique flavors to try. My favorite cupcake to get here is the birthday cupcake. It is a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

You should check out these amazing dessert places over the summer. This research has been tasty.

Patricia King's fourth-grade class, Bowling Green Elementary School, Westbury

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