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Dragonfish have fiery tempers

Credit: Kidsday Illustration / Elianna Kafash

I have two dragonfish at home. One is blue and the other is pink. They are not as friendly as normal fish, but they are still interesting pets to have. If you put them in the same tank, they might attack each other, so you have to keep them apart. But when you put them in different tanks and face the tanks to each other, they make faces since they are a bit aggressive to one another. They are from South America and Central America.

When you feed them you need to make sure they don’t bite you because when you put your finger inside their mouths, they can bite you because they might think that your finger is their food. They aren’t as smart as us to tell the difference. They eat meat and drink water just like we do.

Be careful if you ever play with dragonfish. They are fun to look at but their bite isn’t. They are timid so they like to have places to hide. Little caves or plants make them happy. They are beautiful fish, but you have a lot of work to do if you decide to get them! You can find out more about them at the website


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