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Duct tape extravaganza

Ever get tired of the same old video games and electronic devices? Well, if you have duct tape, a scissor and a cutting mat you'll never get tired. Duct tape isn't just some ugly gray tape you use to put something back together. It's much more than that. You can make a bunch of different things. For example, bags, hair bows, bookmarks and covers, necklaces, etc. Now you might be saying, "How does she make that?" Well, it's not that hard.

For a project including duct tape, you're going to use more than just a scissor. You will need a cutting mat (optional), nonstick scissors and decorative duct tape. Basic everyday craft stores carry all the supplies you will need. Making duct tape accessories takes practice and time. After you have finished, you'll be saying how it was all worth it. Once you wear your fabulous duct tape wardrobe, you'll have people's jaws drop as soon as they see your stylish new trend.

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