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We met 'Dumbo' star Nico Parker

Andrew Rendon, left, Alanna Anadollis, Gianna Capra and

Andrew Rendon, left, Alanna Anadollis, Gianna Capra and Aidan Hynes, ages 10 and 11, from West Hempstead, Elmont and Malverne, with actress Nico Parker, center, at The Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan.  Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We had the amazing opportunity of seeing the new movie “Dumbo,” last week. We agree that it was a great movie. The story mixes emotions including sad and happy. If this is the type of movie that you like, then this is the movie for you. We also loved the movie because it had a lot of action and suspense. The movie goes along with the storyline of the original movie.

Dumbo is about an elephant that has large ears and people make fun of him for it. Two kids that are taking care of the elephant find out that Dumbo can fly. In the beginning he was being made fun of and then in the end he is loved.

We feel that the purpose of the movie was to tell everyone not to judge a book by its cover. In the movie the kids believed in Dumbo, but everyone else just thought he was a misfit. Once everyone found out that Dumbo could fly, the circus then believed in him. Another message in the movie was that nothing is impossible, all you need is a goal. "Dumbo" opens this Friday.

We rate it 5 (out of 5) smiles.

After seeing the movie, we went back to The Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan to meet actress Nico Parker, who stars as Milly Farrier.

How did you start your acting career?

They just emailed my mom and asked me to do an audition. That led to more and more auditions. So, it has all started with "Dumbo" and this is my first film. That is how it started and from there I have done some more auditions and things.

What was it like acting with the elephant?

I didn't find it that difficult and I found it to be quite fun. Obviously, it wasn't acting with an elephant. It was a guy named Ed, who was acting in a suit. He was in a green suit and he would run around. When it was Ed it was something where they would put up a piece of tape and you would stare at that tape. Or, when he was flying, you know those cat lasers? They would put those dots around the room and you would watch a red dot fly. It was difficult but a lot of fun.

What inspired you to act?

My mom. My mom is an actress [Thandie Newton] and I got to watch her a lot growing up. It was not all her that made me want to become an actress. I think it was just starting the filming and it looked like something I could do and I really enjoy this.

What do you like to do when you are not acting?

It is kind of boring, but I like hanging out with my friends. We get obsessed with a TV show and we all watch it. Have you seen "Vampire Diaries?" You should watch it, it is great.

What was the most difficult scene for you to act in?

There is one where I am on the set and I am with Michael Keaton and he is the bad guy. We were on set and it was really cold and it was see-your-breath cold. Because of that, it made it a bit difficult to pretend to cry. It looked nice, but that was difficult.

What was your favorite movie to watch when you were young and you would watch it over and over again?

There were so many, but one was "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." I love that movie. We used to watch that a lot. Oh, Pixar films and "Finding Nemo" was on a lot in my house.

What was your favorite part to act out in "Dumbo?"

You know the bit with all the fire in the coliseum? That was so much fun. For the adults it was stressful because there was fire and two kids running around and stuff, but I really liked it.

Do you go to school or are you home-schooled?

I go to school. I go to school in London, a school in L.A. and then a performing arts school.

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

Beyoncé! Easily! I am obsessed with her.

Are you friends with any actors?

Yes, but more so through my parents than through me. Like the cast of "Mamma Mia," I know them because my dad did it. And a lot movies and TV shows my mom has done, I know people from them.

Did you get to keep any special items from the set?

I tried so hard to take them. Like the character Millie had this key that her mom gave her and I tried really hard to take it, but they caught me trying. I made the effort.

Are you excited that now you are going to become famous?

I don't think I would become famous. I am, however, excited that people are going to watch "Dumbo" and I am hoping that they will love it and enjoy it.

Was it hard to memorize your lines?

At the time, I didn't find it difficult and I don't know how I did it. I would get the scene and then learn the lines sometimes in an hour, sometimes less.

Did you ever act in school plays?

I have acted in school plays. I did a lot of really, really bad school plays. I never had a main part in a school play, but I have been in them.

What advice would you give others who are inspired to act?

You don't properly understand how much fun it is until you are actually in the situation. It is just an uplifting experience because you are with all these incredible people.

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