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Duolingo app can help you learn or practice a new language

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

There is a free app, Duolingo, that is a great way to begin learning a new language or practice a language you already know! You can use the app on your phone or on a regular computer ( We think the Duolingo app is a great way to begin learning a language.

This app offers a variety of languages, including Spanish, German and French. One of us used the app for Spanish and practiced every day for five minutes. It helped us learn and reinforce what we already knew. You can practice for as little or as long as you like. You have the option of taking a placement test at the beginning so you can start at an appropriate level.

There are quizzes and picture-matching games that help you associate pictures to the correct word. It speaks the words so you can repeat them and recognize them, which is great for listening and pronunciation.

There are some ads, but other than that, the app is easy to use. It also has a cute little green owl as the mascot, and sometimes he wears different fun outfits.

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