Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Getting my hair dyed blond makes it look so cool

Kidsday reporter Ryan Leon with his new blond

Kidsday reporter Ryan Leon with his new blond hair in front. Credit: Leon family

For months I had wanted to get my hair dyed, but my mother wouldn’t let me. She thought it would cost too much money and she was afraid I wouldn’t like it.

I finally convinced her to have just the front part dyed blond, and she agreed because it would grow out quickly if I didn’t like it. I chose blond because blond goes best with my brown hair, in my opinion. We found out it would cost an extra $15.

My mom took me to my usual barbershop, where one of the ladies bleaches hair. I sat in the chair and got my usual haircut. Then she separated the front part of my hair with a clip and put bleach on that part of my hair using a brush that looked like a paintbrush. I had to sit and wait like that for a really long time, probably about 30 minutes.

After that, she rinsed my hair in the sink, and I got to take a look at it when she was finished blow drying it. I really liked it. I thought to myself, “This is so cool, I should keep doing this!” My friends must also like it because they gave me a lot of compliments.

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