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East End Seaport Museum tells the secrets of the sea

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jack McInnis

The East End Seaport Museum in Greenport is like an aquarium, but instead of sea creatures, it’s filled with tons of cool stuff about ships and other nautical things. It also has a large tank full of water with fish swimming around, like a normal aquarium.

The museum is a great place to go. It has lighthouse tours and also sponsors the Maritime Festival, which happens every year. This year it will be held Sept. 21-22. The streets will be blocked off and stores will set up stands. People come to sell their wares, and it’s a recommended time to visit Greenport.

After visiting the museum and then the musem’s website, I found out a lot more about this place. According to the museum’s website, the 750-gallon saltwater aquarium is the second-largest sea-life exhibit on the East End, and all the creatures come from the Peconic Bay.

The museum has exhibits that include miniature models, like the Bug Light lighthouse and different boats. There are also salvaged artifacts, including some from 1918, when the Rye Cliff Ferry caught fire and sank off Sea Cliff. Now the wreck is a favorite site for divers.

One of our favorite spots here is Captain Bob’s Quarterdeck, where kids can touch and play with things so they can learn about life at sea and along the coast, local history and the environment.

The East End Seaport Museum is small but is still a very fun and educational experience. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. We hope you will plan on visiting very soon! If you want to learn more about the museum and the Maritime Festival, go to

Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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