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What I love about Ecuador

Kidsday reporter Joseline Bravo of Aquebogue in Ecuador.

Kidsday reporter Joseline Bravo of Aquebogue in Ecuador. Credit: Bravo family

Ecuador is a beautiful country on the west coast of South America. 

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. Ecuador has a lot of tourist spots to visit. It also has the famous Galápagos Islands, with their variety of exotic and unique animals. An interesting fact about Ecuador is that it has 27 volcanoes. The Chimborazo Volcano point is the Earth’s closest point to the sun. I lived in the outskirts of the city of Cuenca with my grandma.

When I lived with my grandma, I helped her with her animals. My grandma has guinea pigs, chickens and sheep. I miss my grandma and Ecuador. When I was living with my grandma, we went to the city a lot. Every time we went to the city, we ate food and went to the park. I like to eat encebollado, which is fish stew.   One time when I was in Ecuador, there was an earthquake. We had to go outside and wait for the earthquake to be over for one hour before we could re-enter the house. My uncle was hurt during the earthquake. We went to the hospital to see him because he broke his leg.

Another great part about Ecuador are the beaches. I like the beach because I go with my family. I like it because my mom my dad and all my cousins are there. The water is clear I can see so many fish. The fish are beautiful colors. I love to go in the water with all my cousins.

If you ever get a chance to go to Ecuador you will love it!

Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue Elementary School

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