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Eden Sher sits down with Kidsday

Actress Eden Sher with Kidsday reporters from John

Actress Eden Sher with Kidsday reporters from John F. Kennedy Middle School in Bethpage at ABC Offices in Manhattan. Kidsday reporters Hannah Perkowsky, Darius Nunez Kristina Sandu and Omar Cambiero on March 30, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

We interviewed actress Eden Sher, who stars as Sue Heck in the TV show "The Middle." She also does the voice of Star in the animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."

What would you do if you had Star's powers?

Everything that Star does. The real-life monsters, all the people I have compassion for are the people who are mean or just people who are not nice to other people, to people that I love I would turn them into trolls. I would also give myself unlimited food. Bacon and cookies forever.

What has been your favorite show to act in?

That's an impossible question. That's a really good question. They're all different. Anything I've acted in I always feel like me if I got to just say whatever, if I had no filter that's what I would do. I get to go crazy in all of them. I would say the "Star" and "The Middle." But I like squealing and I could just squeal in all of them.

Are you anything like your character Star, and if so, what character traits do you have in common?

We both love unicorns and glitter and we both like to fight monsters. Those are actually very crucial elements to both of these characters. So it's not hard for me to do it.

For "Star vs. the Forces of Evil," do you watch the show while you are doing voices? Can you see your character's mouth move when you speak?

No. When I record it they just have like . . . you've seen flip books before. They're just like very simple outlines. The thing that I see is just a general outline of what the episode is going to look like. The motions that go with the words on the page, but then I just get to do my thing and then if I have to go back, once it's done and they realize they need like a specific line, then I need to go back and actually physically match to the animated lips. It's really hard.

How do you manage to do both shows?

I work many hours. The recording studio for "Star" isn't too far away from "The Middle," so I'll usually whenever I get a free couple of hours. . . . I'll film all the things. I get to do Sue and then I go straight to the studio and I record; nobody else is there; I just do crazy hours, I'll go like 9 p.m. or something or really early in the morning. I'll do that. One time over the summer I had to go in on Sundays, all for the sake of cartoons.

What type of music do you like and what's your favorite song?

Right now it's probably a Taylor Swift, a lot of Taylor Swift. It might be Blank Space. I'm going to go with the real popular answer. There's another band called the Districts that's nobody's heard of. So it means nothing.

Which episode of "Star" is your favorite?

I haven't seen most of them, so I kind of forgotten them. The one that I've seen that is the best one so far was the one where I don't realize that a football game is just a game and not a real war. So I treat it like a real war, then I'm notified that it's not in fact a real war and then I have to fix everything. It's funny.

Are you in the same room with other actors while doing voices for "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"?

Most of the time, no. I did it a couple of times, but because my schedule is crazy I have to just . . . they sort of work around it. Sometimes I get fed a line, like play a line of another person before mine and then I can respond to it, but most of the time I'm just saying my individual lines to nothing and nobody and I look like an insane person.

Do you get along with the actors who play Axl and Brick?

Charlie, who plays Axl, we're best friends in real life. I usually just hang out in his trailer because mine is just like my room when I'm off set is just like a ghost town. It's no man's land because I'm never in there, I'm just in his, lying on his floor singing Taylor Swift to him. I'm at his house all the time. He wants me to leave most of the time.

Are you friends with Charlie McDermott and Atticus Shaffer?

I love answering this question because I get to think about how much I love Charlie. Over and over again, which I do anyway. Yeah, I totally am.

Do you prefer regular acting or voice acting and why?

They're so different. It's like stretching different muscles. It's like saying I love riding my bike and then I also love doing stretching or doing yoga and I can't love one more than the other because sometimes I just want to go to work in my PJs and I get to like stretch for a couple of hours. I like them both.

Are you funny in real life?

No. Probably not.

What are some things that you dislike?

Like in general? I don't like shellfish. I hope this is not offensive to all the shellfish lovers out there.

Are you anything like Sue Heck?

Again, we just both have no control over our whims most of the time. We kind of are moving, do to over excitement, so again it's very hard to play Sue Heck. It's not.

On the set of "The Middle," what is your favorite snack from the crafty cart?

I think about that every day. It's got to be these granola bars. No, I can't even say that. Sometimes we have food come in like empanadas; sometimes we get mini burritos, macadamia nut things, chocolate almonds, the kettle chips. I have a stash of kettle chips at all times in my trailer.

What would you do if you had Star's powers?

I'm going to revise my answer from before. I said I would turn people into trolls. That is so uncool. I would temporarily turn three people into trolls and then make them ride on unicorns and hopefully that will reform them and then I would turn them back and then I would make myself a pie.

What are some of the character traits of your character Star?

She loves unicorns and glitter and pie and puppies who shoot lasers out of their eyes. And also she loves fighting. She's beautifully aggressive. She's aggressive in all the right ways.

Do you have any siblings in real life?

Yeah, I do. I actually have the same like on "The Middle." In real life I have an older brother and a younger brother and they're basically like the same age difference. My older brother is 21/2 years older and my younger brother is 41/2 years younger. And I'm the only girl. The only benefit is I got my own room.

What is a fun fact about yourself that many people don't know that we could bring back to our class?

Well, a couple of things. I always have floss on me because you just never know and maybe also I burp so much. It's disgusting. You should share that one because I think it's funny.

How did you get involved in acting and then doing voices?

I begged my mom when I was a kid. I begged her for so long. Like a good mom she wanted to me maybe not to have that kind of life so early. I asked her why didn't she force me into taking piano lessons. She said, have you ever tried to convince you to do anything? So I was very stubborn and I persisted and eventually she let me start and from there I got into voices because people were "you're so weird" crazy voices. You should try this.

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