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The school play is one our highlights each year

Kidsday reporters Daniel Laieta, left, Branon Smith and

Kidsday reporters Daniel Laieta, left, Branon Smith and Lola Costello are looking forward to doing the fifth-grade play at Wading River Elementary School. Credit: Melissa Levonick

At Wading River Elementary School, music teacher Mark Verity directs the fifth-grade play. Every year students eagerly wait to find out what the play will be. In the fall, we finally found out the play for 2019.

On Oct. 5, the play was finally revealed to the school, and we found out we were performing “The Glass Slipper.” We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Verity a few questions about the play.

One of our questions was, what do you think about this year’s play choice? His response was, “I didn’t direct a lot of plays, but when I directed the few plays I did, I tried to do something different.”

We also asked him what he thinks about the plays in the past. And he said, “Each year I think all the plays are fantastic and unique.”

We wanted to know how this one will be unique: “I look at what I’ve done from the past 10 years and try to think of something different.”

Each year the play is unique and amazing. What makes our play special is that every fifth-grader participates. Thank you, Mr. Verity, for directing these plays.

Melissa Levonick’s fifth-grade class, Wading River Elementary School

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