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Emoji pillows brighten any room

Kidsday reporter Carly Curnutt likes the variety of

Kidsday reporter Carly Curnutt likes the variety of emotions and uses of emoji pillows. Credit: Curnutt family

Lately I see a lot of kids buying emoji pillows. I have five of these pillows in my bedroom. They are really cute and a fun way to spice up a plain room. You could even start a collection like I did.

Emoji pillows aren’t just good for collecting and decorating your bedroom. They also are perfect for pillow fights. My friends and I love to build shields from random objects in the house and throw pillows at one another.

These cute pillows have a lot more uses than you would think. Another use for emoji pillows is cuddling, of course. As you can see, emoji pillows are the best.

They come in different shapes and expressions and you can find them most anywhere pillows are sold.

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