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Good Morning

We host the Empty Bowls fundraiser to fight hunger

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Olivia Casabianca

Tuckahoe School holds an event called Empty Bowls every March. Empty Bowls is about raising awareness and fighting against hunger.

In art class, with our teacher, Mrs. Barbara Imperiale, we make ceramic spoons and ceramic bowls to represent an empty stomach. Everyone who brings a canned food item to the event will get a free spoon, and they can get raffle tickets to win a bowl, or they can buy a bowl.

After we make the bowls and spoons out of clay, they are glazed in different colors. Every year the students make several hundred bowls and spoons. In the past, families were invited into school for several evenings to help make bowls and spoons. Each year we set a goal to make more and more.

This year Empty Bowls was held on March 14. On the evening of the event, our cafeteria was filled with people from our school and community. There were all kinds of soups and salads for people to enjoy, and of course, bowls and spoons. Mrs. Imperiale had artists there demonstrating how to make the bowls and spoons and how to use a pottery wheel. 

It was a wonderful night and, in the end, our school raised a lot of money to help fight against hunger.

Bonnie Downs and Allison Whittle’s writers club, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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