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Calm vs. energetic: Two kids, two views 

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maya Villegas, Southampton

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maya Villegas, Southampton

There are many different kinds of kids in the world. In our class, we couldn’t be more different. One of us is an energetic, enthusiastic learner. The other is a quiet type who completes all of her work on her own. Here is a little glimpse of the life of an energetic person and a calm person. Here are our points of view:

Kaydee wrote: The life of an energetic person is much different from a quiet person. The reason some kids are energetic is because they like to just throw themselves out there for the world to see who they are as a person. Energetic kids can get a little out of hand sometimes. When you are a energetic, it also means you can be really loud when you want to but you can be really loud when you don’t want to. Some can get annoyed from energetic people, and some enjoy having those type of people around.

Ricky wrote: Being a calm person is better than being an excitable person. As a calm person, you don’t get stressed or anxious in situations. A calm person is normally relaxed, and that reduces stress and frustration. I think calm people tend to have more energy because they are relaxed. Calm people look on positive thoughts in a bad situation, which is really good.

Paul Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Copiague Middle School


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