Good Evening
Good Evening

Enjoying the St. Anthony's church choir

The St. Anthony's children's choir is a group of kids who have volunteered to sing every Sunday at the 9 a.m. family Mass.

There are kids from second to eighth grade. Like with any team, you have to make a commitment to be there for your fellow members. In the choir, being at practice and at Mass is very important because if you're not at practice, you'll most likely miss something we're doing for Mass, and, if you're not at Mass, there's a big chance the choir needed you to be there. But it's still fun to be in the choir.

I like our choir because everybody is very kind. The choir directors are great. They truly enjoy doing what they do for the church. Also, everybody has personalities of their own. No two kids are alike in this choir. The final reason I'm sharing with you -- and there are many reasons why I like this choir -- is that we are all great singers. Each of us has one way of singing that is a personal strength.

I've learned a lot from being in the choir. One thing that I've learned is that everybody needs to try their best, which everybody does. We all really enjoy sharing what we each have to offer with the church during our many performances throughout the year. I hope you decide to join your church choir. You won't be disappointed.

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