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Good Afternoon

Beautifying our parks, one tree at a time

Kidsday reporter Megan Ro and her mom, Marissa

Kidsday reporter Megan Ro and her mom, Marissa Lin, volunteering to help plant bushes and trees. Credit: Lin family

The NYC Parks organization has many events to help our Earth throughout the year. The organization welcomes volunteers to help keep our parks clean and beautiful. They host two major plantings a year, one in spring and the other in fall. My mom and I went to one in the spring.

Volunteers were provided with gloves and shovels. We were split into groups and each had a leader. The planting site they chose was deep in the forest, and we had to hike there with our shovels. When we arrived at our location, tree saplings and shrubs in pots were scattered all over the forest ground.

Our group leader explained how to plant the tree saplings and shrubs. First, you dig a hole deep enough for the plant. Then, you gently wiggle the plant out of the pot and make sure the roots are pointing down. Then you put the plant in and cover the hole with dirt. Finally, you pat it to make sure there aren’t air pockets.

My mom and I planted 15 trees and shrubs. Our group planted about 300 trees. The three groups together planted about 800 trees and shrubs.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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