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Operation: Escape Room game requires teamwork, skill

Kidsday reporters Nelson Lin, left, and Miru Han

Kidsday reporters Nelson Lin, left, and Miru Han reviewed the game Operation: Escape Room. Credit: Kathleen McMahon

We played Spy Code’s Operation: Escape Room (Yulu). It is a spy strategy game to save your friends.

The whole idea of the game is to get all the keys, do all the riddles and save your friend. What you will see in the box is a timer, 45 cards, a key cage that you have to get a key out from, a spinner and finally a quiz master (a combination item).

What we liked about the game is that it’s challenging and it uses teamwork and skill. Also, the packaging is really nice.

What we disliked about the game is that it took a long time to assemble, and it was hard to put the items in the box. It was really confusing when we first started — the directions should be clearer. For some kids it may be simple, and for others it can take a long time.

Ages: 9 and older

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

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