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Visiting my grandparents in Estonia

Kidsday reporter Matthew Riemma, third from left, with

Kidsday reporter Matthew Riemma, third from left, with his sister, Lily, great-grandfather Mihkel and cousin Rauno in Estonia. Credit: Kati Riemma

 My mom, dad, sister and I love going to Estonia. We go every summer because that’s where my mom is from.

I have been there nine times, and we stay for about six weeks. My Estonian grandparents still live there. Vanaema (grandma) and Vanaisa (grandpa) are my mom’s parents, and they have lived in Estonia all their lives.

Estonia is in Europe, near Russia, and across the Baltic Sea are Finland and Sweden. When we visit, we do a lot of fun things. We play in the spa and we go to the park every day. The spa in Estonia is a place where they have different types of swimming pools. There is a hot pool, a cold pool and a room-temperature pool. They are different from our pools here in America because they have paintings on the bottom and you’re not allowed to dive into them. I especially like it when we all go fishing with our grandpa. It is a special thing we do together.

Estonia is a very beautiful country! It’s mostly flat, grows a lot of flowers and has lots of blue jays and hummingbirds. 

My mom loves to go to Estonia because then she has the experience of seeing her mom again, every single year. Most kids haven’t even heard of the country Estonia, let alone visited there. In fact, I know that in my whole school, my sister and I are the only kids who know how to speak Estonian. Mom says this makes us unique. I think it’s pretty cool, too.

Michelle Perino's fourth-grade class, Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst

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