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Even kids can help save our local blue craw crabs

Kidsday reporter Tatum Stanziale does her part by

Kidsday reporter Tatum Stanziale does her part by helping to clean up a Port Washington parking lot. Credit: Stanziale family

My goal is to save the blue claw crabs and their habitats in Manhasset Bay and Hempstead Bay. The trash and garbage that sits in public parking lots contributes to bay pollution. When it rains, the pieces of garbage float away and down into the drain that leads to water in the bay and endangers sea life.

The pollution affects the sea life by leaving toxins in the water and making it hard for crabs and other sea creatures to survive. At Toms Point Marina in Port Washington, the workers start their workday by cleaning up the garbage in the parking lot. This will help keep the water clean and clear so that the blue claw crabs have a chance to reproduce and grow.

You could help, not just in our town, but all towns, by disposing of your garbage properly. Leaving a mess does have an effect. In the meantime, if everyone helped pick up any garbage that they see, that would help the blue claw crabs survive and live in our beautiful bay. I would like to see more blue claw crabs this summer and so would you!

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