Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Exercise makes bodies strong, ready to learn

Physical Education (P.E.) helps the body function. There are a lot of activities to choose from. It also helps you learn in the classroom.

You're probably thinking, "How can gym, which means running around and playing sports, help me learn better in a quiet classroom? I have to stay still and learn arithmetic, algebra and reading."

P.E. helps you learn because it keeps the body well, in shape and functioning properly. We need P.E. because it helps us stay in shape, it helps us stay fit, and it helps us fight diseases. It also makes us look our best and makes our bodies healthy. And P.E. makes us learn better because it makes us more mentally ready to learn.

At our school, we begin our day with Movement in the Morning, which is a few minutes where kids combine stretching, running in place, extended arm rolls and deep breathing. We think it helps us concentrate and is a great start to our day.

When you exercise, scientists say, it relieves your stress level and makes you mentally ready to exercise your brain.

If Americans keeps exercising and going to the gym, then we will be in better shape and fewer people will be dying from deadly diseases. Go on now. Exercise and make your body and mind fit.

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