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Exercising fun at Maximum Boot Camp

We did a workout session at Maximum Boot Camp in Hicksville and found out immediately why it's named Maximum. You are pushed to the max in a fun way to get in shape. Our fitness trainer, James La Mar Jr., was the best!

This boot camp is a real workout for kids. We thought it was good but challenging because the trainers were making us work so hard. We were sweating bullets.

We ran more than 15 laps. We learned diamond push-ups and mountain climbers.

The game we played taught us about losing calories.

In Fitness Uno you get five cards and in a game, you try to get rid of all your calorie cards in 10 minutes.

In Brick Toss there are a lot of squares and four wild squares. If you throw a foam brick on one of the wild-card squares to get rid of all your calories, you have two minutes. We threw foam bricks to try to get points. We also learned squat jumps, burpees and inside-outside squats. Maximum Boot Camp is fun.

Our biggest complaint? We think they should offer complimentary water if you are working out in this place. Or they should have a water fountain. We know it's important for kids to drink lots of water, so just know that a bottle of water costs $1.

Be ready to work hard when you take a class here! Whether you are trying to shape up or get ready for your next sport, the trainers at Maximum Boot Camp motivate you to push yourself harder.

We hope you get to visit and meet up with James the trainer.

Maximum Boot Camp is at 100C Tec St., Hicksville. Call 516-492-6749.

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