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Facts on Venus flytraps

I would like to tell you about my Venus flytrap. The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant. You can find Venus flytraps growing in places like green swamps in Wilmington, North Carolina, northern Florida and western Washington state. You also can buy one at a florist, some nurseries and online.

A Venus flytrap catches its food by staying still until a bug lands on its trap. It has little sensors in its mouth that feel the bug, which then causes the mouth to snap shut.

When the trap snaps shut, the Venus flytrap releases venom through its mouth, which melts the bug. When it's done with its snack, the trap opens up for another meal. Don't let the Venus flytrap bite you!

Here are some interesting facts I learned about Venus flytraps:

1. They eat insects and arachnids.

2. They have sensor hairs on their mouth traps.

3. They have venom to kill their prey.

4. The stems can grow from 3 to 10 centimeters.

5. They can grow in the wild in certain parts of the country.

6. They suck blood out of flies.

7. They can eat raw turkey meat.

8. Their venom is harmless to people.

9. Water them like other plants.

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