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Explore what’s in fashion in the fall

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ines Barros, Southampton

The fall is a fun time to be fashionable. During autumn, hats become more popular and sweaters become an option. It is too hot to wear some hats in the summer, and it is definitely too hot to wear sweaters in the summer. Warmer hats are used in the fall. Hat colors in autumn are darker, like navy blue, black and gray. Sweaters become popular because it is starting to get cooler. They keep you warm and can help keep you from getting sick.

Footwear also changes in the fall. Boots become a popular option to wear. Brown and black boots can be worn with almost everything. There are a variety of styles of boots that can be used for different outfits.

Fall fashion is fun because you can start learning about the different styles to wear for autumn. It is also a nice change from summer fashion, and it lets you show your stylish creativity.

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